A Few Travel Essentials You Should Never Be Without

travel essentials

Traveling far and wide or even just to the next town for a special event can bring its own share of surprises. To fend off hell and high water, there are a few travel essentials no well-prepared adventurer should leave home without.

Flashlight - We all hate it when the lights go out and we are left fumbling, fuming and poking around in the dark. It is equally sinful to turn on the lights in the room or coach while other occupants of your quarters may in their REM stage. This is where a personal lighting option can save the day and make your trip that much easier.

Swiss Army Knife, or Multitool - Whenever you watch a movie about the brave and daring surviving feats and enduring adverse situation, how many times have you thought a good Swiss Army Knife or multi tool would have been the thing to save a life? From uncorking a wine bottle under duress to, filing your fingernails while on a long flight, there is just no end to the advantages of one of these things.

Wet/Dry Bag - Yes at some point you may have to take the plunge to save a life or simply cool off after plenty of adventure. For all the wet situations that must be contained so the rest of your trip is nice and dry, we recommend a sturdy bag. This way you will never worry about opening your luggage to find a fetid moldy mess.

Sarong, Pashmina, or Scarf - Even a burly gentleman with a beard can suddenly be chilled when in unfamiliar surroundings. Finding a scarf or pashmina can be a great way to endure those long waits in a drafty airport or even a way of staying modest in a beach setting where you feel it appropriate -- because a sarong can function as a beach towel.

Earplugs - Rather than sitting there imagining the sweet sleep you will have when you asphyxiate the snoring bloke, consider the proactive approach and get yourself a good set of earplugs that will allow you to remain at rest despite the clamor around you. If you plan to be swimming, this is a good way to avoid ear infections in uncertain waters.

Reusable Water Bottle - When trotting the globe, you never know where your next available water supply will be or what it will look like. But there are some very practical and portable options that can keep you alive and hydrated in the canned air of a plane or the sudden dry cold in Aspen. You can even find the very sophisticated sort that includes a UV filter and keeps you safe from some of the worst bowel infections abroad. Eyedrops - Speaking of travel essentials for keeping things moist and lubricated, your eyes can suffer from dust, wind, cold and dry air.

If you are the type that is especially susceptible to allergies, a small flask in your pocket will keep your itchy eyes clear from the new flora and fauna in the places you visit.