Christmas Holiday Travel Tips

christmas holiday season travel tips

Many people prefer going home for the Christmas holiday but it is always stressful getting there. Imagine travelling with kids, luggage and the stress of everyone else around, it’s often overwhelming.

Here are some of the best tips to reduce the stress around Christmas holiday travel.

Always Book Early - All the travel plans should be set early enough to get the cheapest deals and guarantee flexible schedules. Non-stop flights are always the best idea and keep in mind that those in the early morning face fewer delays than the later ones. Don’t travel on the busiest dates such as Christmas eve or New Year’s eve but traveling on the actual day itself might be less stressful because the crowds are fewer.

Bring Your Entertainment - Before leaving the house, it’s prudent to download different types of entertainment on a smartphone, e-reader, laptop or tablet. By watching a favorite show or playing a familiar game while travelling will reduce stress and boredom. Even better, for those travelling with children, downloading cartoons can keep them busy during the long flights. Also, bring along lots of earphones for everyone on the trip.

Be Punctual - It’s advantageous to leave the house at least an hour earlier to beat any delays. It’s always relaxing to wait for your flight or train by exploring the station or airport rather than rushing down the terminal towing bags. Even better, by checking in early the lesser the chance of getting bumped off the overbooked flight. Also, by being punctual, there’s time to pick or eat food before the journey begins.

Travel Light - Ship any gifts and non-essential luggage before your trip to make sure that there’s less luggage on the actual day of the trip. Sending the luggage earlier also allows better tracking and insuring. However, if travelling with gifts can’t be avoided, don’t wrap them when going through security to allow easier examinations.

Preparing For Security - For those taking flights, one of the ways to reduce stress is preparing for security. Rather than emptying everything while in line, all the phones, belts, keys, change and jewelry should be placed in the carry-on luggage. For those travelling with kids, it’s easier to use the family lane during security if there’s one available. Also, advice the children beforehand about the security measures to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Prepare For Delays - It’s hard to know when a flight, bus or train will be delayed or rerouted during Christmas holiday travel. Therefore, it’s ideal to prepare and plan for delays beforehand. That way, it’s easy to reduce stress, take charge and figure out the next plan. In the event that the flight is delayed overnight, bring along some snacks and extra clothes for everyone coming along on the trip. Even better, save the numbers to rental cars, airlines or friends or relatives in any town where the flight is connecting. Make sure the kids are well-fed throughout the trip and the delays to prevent any embarrassing tantrums while waiting for the next flight.