Discover These Top Ranked Australia Travel Destinations

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Traveling Australia could mean anything from discovering places of interest in downtown Sydney to exploring the outback in a 4WD vehicle. Don't forget the Gold Coast.

Australia is quite a large continent and country, and of course 'The Land Down Under' includes Tasmania and the other islands off the coast. Australia travel destinations include these top ranked places of interest.

Sydney Harbour

Get up close and personal with the Sydney Opera House in more ways than one.

A visit to the opera house is a must, but a ferry ride around Sydney Harbour is a great way to start this adventure. Check out the botanical gardens, Taronga Zoo, stop by Luna Park and much more.

Start at Circular Quay, and get ready for live entertainment and plenty of choices for restaurants along the way. Coney Island is waiting at Luna Park, and another point of interest within Sydney Harbour is the Harbour Bridge Climb.

People ferry around Sydney Harbour from one destination to another, so it is the perfect place to check out the best that Sydney, Australia has to offer.

The Maritime Museum and Berry Island are two other popular stops along the way.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

There are multiple wildlife sanctuaries in Australia, but Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary on Briggs Road is the best. All kinds of animals are there, including Tasmanian Devils.

A trip to the island of Tasmania is required to see those creatures, as Tasmanian Devils no longer inhabit the mainland. Baby wombats, kangaroos and other exotic animals are also housed at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Feeding the friendly kangaroos is a favorite activity of visitors to the sanctuary. Night tours are available, and this sanctuary is a must visit for people venturing off the mainland and to the wonderful and exotic island of Tasmania.

Australian War Memorial

Learn some history while in The Land Down Under with a stop at the Australian War Memorial at Treolar Crescent in Canberra. This museum is said to be a very moving experience and offers free admission, though a gold coin donation is encouraged.

There is a daily service each day honoring one of the fallen, and so the time to visit this war memorial is prior to 4:55 pm. This place of interest also features a museum that features exhibits people end up browsing for hours.

The Australia War Memorial and Museum is one of the best places for learning about history in the country while on vacation. Be sure to check out the B52 Bomber located at Anzac Hall.

There is also a World War I plane, a Japanese Midget Sub and many other artifacts. Australia travel destinations feature these top attractions and much more. Sydney Harbour is a world of things to do, and the wildlife sanctuary is a way to get up close and personal with the exotic animals of Australia.

The Australia War Memorial and Museum is one of the country's top historical attractions. And as always, don't forget the Gold Coast, as Australia features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.